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If your child or teen is having difficulty engaging and participating in the things that bring them joy – we can help!

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The Really Important Stuff

We hold the foundations of our service – developing and enabling connections, play, independence and participation and supporting inclusion central to everything we do so you can be sure these foundations drive all of our services and supports. We make sure we keep in mind all this important stuff!

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Our connections to each other make our lives meaningful.

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We work together to overcome barriers to independence.

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Kids+teens thrive when they participate in all aspects of life.

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Play is how kids+teens interact and learn about the world.

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Inclusion is about belonging and being uniquely you.

What is Occupational Therapy?

“Occupations” are the everyday things we do that “occupy” our days. The things we want, need or are expected to do as an individual, part of a family group and/or as part of the community. It’s also most importantly the things we do that being us joy and give our life meaning.

For a whole range of reasons, some kids + teens can find it hard to do the things they want or need to do. A child’s “occupations” vary according to their age and stage of development, the context of their family and their community.

Kids+teens may experience difficulty with some or many of the skills these roles require. This is where OT can help! We work with you and your child to decide what the challenge is and why the challenge exists and then work with you to problem solve how to best overcome this challenge either by learning new skills, making modifications to the environment or the task and sometimes working with others to help change attitudes and better understand your child.

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Working with your child or teen one on one allows us to focus intensively on development of skills that will help your child/teen achieve their goals. We work individually with kids+teens across a variety of settings.

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Our rich and varied group programs of support offer supportive social settings for your child/teen to make connections, develop skills and problem solve challenges. Our programs are constantly evolving and offer something for everyone!

Specialist Services Sunrise + White Full Color Rgb


We have the ability to customise support to provide intensive, innovative and unique programs and support options for your child. Our specialist support options are as unique as your child+family!

Workshops Sunrise + White Full Color Rgb


Our workshops allow you to take some time out to learn and develop skills so you can best meet your child’s needs. Held throughout the year on a variety of topics, some are also offered as online self-paced formats.

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Where to from here?

Step One Contact us. We will get some basics and get you started!

Step Two Connect with us. We will meet with you in a Getting Started Meeting.

Step Three Lets Get To Know Each Other – so then we can make a plan targeted to your needs + get started!

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